badgley mischka customer review and case study

Case Study: Badgley Mishka

We chat with Katie Ouaknine of Badgley Mischka about her experience using Duoplane. The company loves how Duoplane seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce and automates their day-to-day operations. Katie’s favorite Duoplane features include splitting orders, auto-assigning orders, and managing multi-warehouse inventory.

Manly Bands CTO Scott Hinz

Case Study: Manly Bands

We chat with Scott Hinz, CTO of Manly Bands, about how much they love the Duoplane platform and their favorite features including our Shopify and ShipStation integration, advanced filtering tools, and top-tier customer support.

Jessee Bourque of MPR Tools

Case Study: MPR Tools

Jessee Bourque of MPR Tools tells us how he switched from Excel spreadsheets to Duoplane and how much time and money this saves him. Jessee talks about his day-to-day operations using Duoplane’s data syncing, inventory management, and automated ordering features.

Episode 4 website cover art

Podcast Ep 4

Nils Koppelmann from 3Tech discusses e-commerce growth via A/B testing, shedding light on its significance, working with top brands, common pitfalls, and best practices in conversion optimization.

Podcast cover art for episode 3 of the duoplane podcast. Image of Ali Alavi, CEO & head of product from Seed to Sold.

Podcast Ep 3

Ali Alavi, CEO of Seed to Sold, discusses his expertise in product management within the cannabis industry, emphasizing user experience, entrepreneurship’s role in e-commerce, and AI’s growing impact.

The Duoplane Podcast: Navigating Ecommerce Skies - Episode 2 cover art featuring Kenny Trusnik from Forest Citi Digital

Podcast Ep 2

In this episode, Kenny Trusnik of Forest City Digital delves into building e-commerce tech stacks, choosing the right platforms, and addressing common challenges and misconceptions in the e-commerce world.

The Duoplane Podcast: Navigating Ecommerce Skies - Episode 1 The Duoplane Story

Podcast Ep 1

Sina Djafari discusses transitioning from investment banking to establishing a leading dropshipping e-commerce store and automation platform. Learn about the significance of business relationships, company culture, and stellar customer satisfaction in this episode.

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