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“I was looking for software that would save me time, automate my daily tasks and I found Duoplane. It does exactly that.”

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MPR Tools & Equipment is a family owned and operated business that focuses on providing the best customer experience in the online retail of tools, equipment and supplies. Duoplane's dropshipping animation software has helped the company reach their goal of providing their customers with the right tool for the job at the best price and with the best buying experience.

Who are you and what does MPR Tools & equipment specialize in?

Hello, I’m Jesse Bourque, the owner of MPR Tools and Equipment. We serve mechanics across Canada, supplying them with the essential tools and equipment.

How did you come across Duoplane and what prompted you to try it?

I was on the hunt for a software, more precisely an app, to streamline and automate my regular business operations. In my search for e-commerce and dropshipping automation solutions, I stumbled upon Duoplane. Their promise of automating dropshipping, saving time, money, and enhancing customer service caught my attention. After trying it, I can say it truly transformed my business by efficiently eradicating numerous redundant tasks.

Can you describe your workflow before discovering Duoplane?

Before Duoplane, my routine consisted of manual order entries, sometimes multiple times a day, adding trackings, and battling with the absence of a genuine supplier integration. I was caught in a chaotic cycle of using shared Excel sheets, which was incredibly time-consuming. The sense of relief I now feel, not having to tackle these tasks, is immense.

How has your collaboration with suppliers evolved since using Duoplane?

Strengthening supplier integration has always been central. Every time I thought a feature was missing and reached out to Daniel at Duoplane, his typical response was, “We’ve got that covered.” A memorable experience was when one of my main suppliers was acquired, resulting in an overnight change in SKU details. Making such alterations on platforms like Amazon can be cumbersome. However, Duoplane’s “Vendor SKU” feature made it a breeze. A single column change in an Excel sheet on Duoplane, and all was resolved.

Can you elaborate on how Duoplane optimizes your vendor choices?

Certainly. Duoplane’s intelligence is impressive. If I have a product sourced from two suppliers and one offers it cheaper, Duoplane directs the order to that supplier. Should they run out of stock, Duoplane reroutes to the next viable vendor. This capability has increased my profit margins, considering I initially confined myself to a sole vendor per item.

In conclusion, how would you summarize the impact of Duoplane on your business?

Duoplane’s influence on our operations is profound. It has refined our dropshipping method, creating a seamless link between our customers and suppliers. I’m genuinely convinced that every dropshipping business managing multiple suppliers should incorporate a tool like Duoplane. Its unmatched value, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional service quality truly stand out. And to be clear, I’m not being paid for this endorsement. I’m just sincerely thankful for the unparalleled time and support their team has provided over the years.

Lastly, would you recommend Duoplane to others?

Without a doubt. Any time someone needs an amazon dropshipping automation service, I will be happy to recommend Duoplane. Customer service is paramount, and Duoplane consistently delivers 100%. Every challenge I present is met with a solution, whether that’s tweaking something in Shopify or exploring other applications. The support is exceptional, and I can’t stress enough how satisfied I am with their assistance.

Jesse Bourque: Hello, I’m Jesse Bourque, the owner of MPR Tools and Equipment. We cater to mechanics all over Canada, providing them with the tools and equipment they need.

My quest was for a software, an app really, that would help me streamline and automate many of my regular business tasks. When I searched for dropshipping and e-commerce automation solutions, I stumbled upon Zooplane. But I think you meant Duoplane. Right on their homepage, they claimed to automate dropshipping, save time, money, and offer enhanced customer service. When I tried it out, it lived up to those claims. It genuinely was a game-changer for me. They efficiently eliminated numerous redundant tasks, saving ample time for my business.

Prior to discovering Duoplane, my days were spent manually entering orders, sometimes multiple times daily, inputting trackings, and struggling with a lack of real integration with suppliers. It was a chaotic dance with shared Excel sheets, and it consumed an exorbitant amount of time. The relief of not having to do all this anymore is immense.

Collaboration with my supplier has always been about strengthening our integration. Every time I felt a feature was missing and reached out to Daniel at Duoplane, his response was typically, “We’ve got that covered.” One instance that stands out is when one of my primary suppliers was acquired, and all the SKU details changed overnight. With Amazon, making such changes is complex, but Duoplane’s “Vendor SKU” feature simplified this process. A single column change in an Excel sheet via Duoplane, and everything was sorted.

Duoplane’s intelligence doesn’t end there. If I source a product from two suppliers, and one offers it at a lower cost, Duoplane routes the order to that cheaper supplier. But if they’re out of stock, it reroutes to the next best option. This maximizes my profit margins, as I was initially limiting myself to a single vendor per product.

The profound impact of Duoplane is undeniable. It has honed our dropshipping process, bridging the gap between customers and suppliers seamlessly. I sincerely believe every dropshipping business with multiple suppliers needs a software like Duoplane. The value it provides, its affordability, and the quality of service are unmatched. And no, I’m not being compensated to sing their praises. It’s just that their team has granted me so much time and support over the years, and for that, I’m genuinely grateful.

"Duoplane was able to remove a lot of repetitive tasks from my plate."

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