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“When I was looking for a solution for Manly Bands, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I was going to hire a team and build it myself but when I saw Duoplane it was a dream come true."

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Manly Bands was founded by John and Michelle who were determined to make finding a wedding band less stressful and more accessible. Even as their company began to grow, John and Michelle continue to provide the personal touches that couples are looking for because of Duoplane's seamless dropshipping automation.

Who are you and what does Manly Bands specialize in?

My name is Scott Hinz, and I’m the CTO of Manly Bands. We are essentially the number one supplier now of men’s wedding rings and bands.

How did you come across Duoplane and what made you choose them?

I was actively seeking a new solution for Manly Bands. I had a clear vision of what I wanted; either I was going to build it myself or hire a team to do so. However, upon discovering Duoplane online and seeing its functionalities, it felt like a dream come true. After a presentation and a demo, I was convinced. The platform offered everything I needed, including the flexibility to integrate my own programming and filtering tools. It checked all the boxes for me, from functionality to price.

What were the main challenges you faced with order management before Duoplane?

Our major challenges revolved around finding an order management system that seamlessly worked with Shopify. While Shopify excels in facilitating orders and website creation, they lack efficiency in order management and vendor communication tools.

Can you share a particularly memorable experience with Duoplane?

Absolutely. My “wow” moment came when I approached Duoplane with a unique routing challenge for a specific product. Instead of a decline, I received a receptive response from Sina, who after some consideration, presented a solution utilizing advanced filtering tools. It’s not often that software companies welcome ideas from users and integrate them, so this was a significant moment for me.

How was the integration process with Duoplane?

The integration was straightforward. We use Shopify in our operations, and the process involved merely associating a vendor with a product.

How has Duoplane impacted your daily operations?

Knowing everything is automated grants me peace of mind. I’m confident that orders reach the appropriate vendors and are processed correctly. A highlight for me is Duoplane’s seamless integration with ShipStation. This automation means that vendors receive their orders directly in their shipping tool, with all tracking information reciprocated to us and our clients.

Lastly, would you recommend Duoplane to others?

Without a doubt. Customer service is paramount, and Duoplane consistently delivers 100%. Every challenge I present is met with a solution, whether that’s tweaking something in Shopify or exploring other applications. The support is exceptional, and I can’t stress enough how satisfied I am with their assistance.

Scott Hinz: My name is Scott Hinz, and I’m the CTO of Manly Bands. Manly Bands is pretty much the number one supplier now of men’s wedding rings, uh, men’s wedding bands. When I was looking for a new solution for my company for Manly Bands, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I was either going to build it myself or I was going to hire a team of people and build it myself. But then, when I went online, I saw Duoplane out there and realized that it had everything in there. It was a dream come true. Truthfully, when I saw Duoplane, I did a preview, you guys did a presentation, I did a demo of it. I didn’t even need to look for anything else because I know what I needed to have done, and you guys do exactly that. Plus, you also offer me the flexibility of creating my own programming and filtering tools so I can expand the use of Duoplane to other special applications, which is what I do all the time. It checked all the boxes. Price was perfect, and like I said, I couldn’t be happier.

The biggest challenges we had when we were seeking out an order management system was one that would work with Shopify. Shopify does a great job of getting you the orders and giving you the platform to create a wonderful website. But they don’t manage the orders well and they don’t have any tools to manage when the vendors get the order. It was imperative, we definitely needed to have something.

My “wow” moments with Duoplane occurred the very first time I had an issue or a challenge. It was a special type of routing we needed to do for a particular product. I thought I was going to call you guys up or send you a text, and you would say no. But instead, I got a message, I believe Sina said, “We don’t offer that, but I like your idea. Let me take a look at it.” He came back to me a couple of days later and said, “We have a solution for you. We can show you how to use our advanced filtering tools so you can create your own filters.” That was my wow moment. I very rarely call a software company and when I give them an idea, they embrace it and incorporate it. That was a huge wow moment for me.

The integration was probably the simplest I’ve ever done. Within our environment, we use Shopify, and all we had to do is associate a vendor with a product.

The peace of mind knowing that everything is automated is priceless. I can walk away at night knowing that all my orders are going to the right vendors, they’re getting notified and processed the way they should be. One of the things I like the most about Duoplane is how it integrates seamlessly with ShipStation. When I talk to new vendors, I tell them about Duoplane, but then I also mention that it might be the last conversation we have about it. Because all their orders will go right into their shipping tool, and all the tracking information will come back to us and go back to our clients. Everything is automated.

I would highly recommend Duoplane. As I said previously, customer service is paramount. Our company is aligned with that. We have weekly meetings about our customer service stats, and if we’re not above a 95 to 98, something’s wrong. You guys are at 100. Every time I call you with some curveball, you always have an answer. You might suggest trying something different with Shopify or other applications. I would highly recommend it. The support is top-notch. I can’t say enough good things about how thrilled I am with your help.

"I would highly recommend Duoplane. One of the greatest things is customer service and you guys hit in on the head."

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