The Drop Ship Solution You've Been Looking For

Save time and money

With Duoplane, you can completely automate large parts of your backend processes: order management, catalog updates, invoice payments, and more.

This frees you, your staff, and your financial resources to focus on growth opportunities.

Be in control

Duoplane organizes your order information in one place, with dashboards and alerts that tell you exactly what you need to know.

Metrics and reports give you a clear picture of your business and the performance of your trading partners.

Grow your business

Duoplane allows you to scale your business with minimal effort.

And, by creating a better experience for retail customers and your trading partners, Duoplane helps you create fans, build strong relationships, and generate repeat business.

Why Duoplane?

Our product

Best practices built in

There's no need for you to rethink every process and keep up on drop shipping best practices. It’s baked into the software.

Duoplane is built upon decades of experience in operations, customer service, supply chain management, and retail. The workflow and interface keep you and your trading partners organized, in sync, and focused.

Easy to use

You’ll love the clean, clear look of our app, and our web and mobile interfaces work with you anywhere at any time.

Duoplane is 100% hosted software that seamlessly connects with your existing systems. There is no coding required on your side and no long implementation times.


Duoplane is a full-featured, customizable solution that gives you the tools you need to scale your ecommerce business exponentially.

Try Duoplane for free with zero obligation. Or contact us to talk about how we can help you.

Our company

Drop shipping experts

We have deep expertise in the challenges and roadblocks that come with drop shipping.

Duoplane was built from day one to address the unique needs of drop ship retail, unlike other systems which often include drop shipping as an afterthought. We think you’ll notice a huge difference in how easy and perfectly suited our solution is.

Efficiency freaks

Manual data entry? Can’t bear it. Duplicated efforts? Won’t stand for it.

We understand that any time you spend on mundane tasks is time you could be focusing on growing your business. If there is a better way to get you, your team, and your trading partners working faster with less effort, we want to find it.

Customer experience fiends

We live for making customers happy.

And not just you, but the end retail customer and your trading partners as well. Because we understand that drop shipping only works if it works for everyone.

Our team anticipates needs, is responsive to feedback, and provides amazing support. Give us a try.