Automatically Send POs Using Our Highly Customizable Order Routing

We’ll split each sales order & send POs to your connected suppliers. We also have multi-supplier order routing capabilities, allowing you to route orders based on customizable factors such as lead time, cost, product availability, and more.

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Order routing is when retailers forward customer orders to suppliers, vendors, or warehouses. This process gets tedious as larger orders must be split to many suppliers, when products require multiple fulfillment partners, or if there are options for using different vendors and warehouses based on numerous considerations (item cost, shipping fee, delivery times, etc.). Adding to the complexity, each supplier may have different requirements in file formats (PDF, CSV, XML, JSON, and X12 EDI files) and delivery methods (vendor portal, email, FTP, API, and vendor integrations), making ordering routing unscalable when manually processed. With Duoplane, the value lies in the automation of this complex task and the ability to subsequently track shipments accurately, without the risk of human-errors.


Before Duoplane:
Manual Order Routing
AFTER Duoplane:
Automated Order Routing

Ready to automate your dropshipping operations?


Our order routing integrates with shopping carts, fulfillment apps, and inventory management software. Connect you and your vendor’s existing systems using our pre-built integrations. Our integrations include Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, Magento, QuickBooks, Xero, ShipStation, Shipping Easy, Shippo, and Skuvault.

Whether your individual SKU’s can be fulfilled by one supplier, warehouse, or 3PL, or multiple, Duoplane can apply logic to route your orders to the correct partner every time. With flexible logic, you can take confidence in knowing your orders are being split the way you want, all without time-consuming complicated spreadsheets.

Each supplier’s profile is fully customizable, allowing you to send purchase orders in a way that uniquely caters to everyone’s needs. With an extensive number of app settings at your disposal, you can fine-tune your workflows to meet the demands of each vendor and streamline operations in a way that maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Implement our scalable automated order routing solution to your business operations. Designed to meet the needs of fast-growing retail businesses, our platform offers an efficient highly customizable solution, enabling you to automate your order routing process and save on resources and reduce human-prone errors.

With our order routing solution, you and your customers can stay up-to-date with updates on order and shipping statuses, identify problems, or issue returns easily. Our platform also enables quick identification of any delays, ensuring customer expectations are always met. Additionally, automated tracking number updates keep your customers informed at all times.

We’ll automate time-consuming tasks, such as updating order statuses, generating packing slips, sending tracking numbers, and more. With these processes automated, your team can focus on higher-level tasks. Move away from tedious, manual processes, and towards a more streamlined, efficient operation ..

Order routing FAQ

If you have a specific file format or delivery method that you need and is not listed below, contact us and we’ll see how we can help.

File formats: PDF, CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, X12 EDI

Delivery methods: vendor portal, email, FTP, SFTP, API, vendor integration

Yes. Inside each vendor’s preferences you’ll be able to schedule POs to be sent at any hour, day, time, or interval.

We offer a very competitive fee of $500 for each X12 EDI implementation. It is also important to note that EDI implementation is only available on our Professional plan and above. For more details visit our pricing page.

Our biggest strength is our commitment to customer support. When you contact us, you can rest assured you’ll be speaking with a professionally trained individual who cares about helping you succeed. Duoplane also embodies a customer-centric culture in our workplace, where we continuously work hard to put your satisfaction first. Read our reviews to learn more about why our clients love us. 

When an order comes in with multiple available vendors on a product, Duoplane’s default logic is to route the order to the vendor with the lowest wholesale cost and with that sku in stock. Alternatively, you have the ability to customize your order routing logic to match your individual preferences.

“Because of Duoplane, I’ve been able to increase sales dramatically. Before, I was sending orders manually to all my different suppliers, it was taking a lot of time! Now, everything is automated thanks to your team! Thank you so much!”

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Jessee Bourque 
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“Every dropshipping business should be using Duoplane, especially if they have multiple suppliers. The Duoplane team gave me so much time and help throughout the years.”
Katie Ouaknine 
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“Duoplane automated everything, I don’t even look at our orders everyday because its just so seamless. It’s something I dont even have to focus on anymore.”
Scott Hinz
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“Duoplane gave me the peace of mind knowing that everything was automated. They provide top-notch customer service. Everytime I contact them with a problem, they’re always have answers.”