Mike Lollar


Mike has been a developer for 8 years, working in several domains, including finance, project management, and a variety of CRMs. His work has come predominantly in Ruby on Rails, but he also has experience in a variety of different languages including a number of different JS Frameworks, Crystal, Go, Elixir, and Node.


He is passionate about learning new technologies and programming paradigms that he can use to help build and architect sound applications. He is an advocate for having a more inclusive and diverse engineering team, having run multiple apprenticeships at various companies, and helping to teach programming to minority and women-led groups.


What do you do at Duoplane?

Manage the application and infrastructure that supports it. Help shape future features and determine priorities within the application..

What do you do in your spare time?

Travel with my wife and kids, go to my kids’ sport events, watch all Chicago based sports teams, and when there is time I watch movies and read books.

Why are you excited to work at Duoplane?


I love working with a small, tight-knit team. I also love being able to directly and positively impact our customers’ businesses.


 What are some of your top skills?


Testing — Writing quality tests, in a specific way, is something that I get fired up about. I use TDD to help guide the code architecture and overall complexity.


Mentoring — I get great satisfaction from helping others grow into their desired role. I often push for apprenticeships at companies I work at, and hope to help implement one at Duoplane in the future.


Architecture — The stack of books I’ve read on architecting different applications is a bit overboard. I enjoy learning different paradigms, for example, the Phoenix framework had a major overhaul of the base application architecture, and it was a blast to learn about. I love trying to find different ways to build applications.


Resilience — Through consistent meditation, I’ve been able to develop a strong resilience to adversity. I am able to take a “bird’s-eye” view of perceived problems to help understand the overall scope.


Organization — This applies not only to code, but to project management as well. I’ve helped guide the overall product management strategy at Redbooth, and then at Slingshot. I’ve read multiple books on different methodologies for managing projects, and working on an app that was a project management tool, helped to see some pitfalls and problems that teams run into, as well as best practices that other teams might use.


What is something that most people do not know about you?


I’ve lived in Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Utah. 


What is something you are passionate about?

In my personal life, I love travelling with my wife (and sometimes without my kids when possible), anywhere we can go that we can walk everywhere is our kind of vacation. I am passionate about spending time with my kids, learning about their interests and making sure that have a fun and fulfilling life. I love to drink craft beer and black coffee, rank and debate movies, read sci-fi and tech books, and watch my favorite teams (Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Cubs).
Professionally, I love to constantly learn new languages and programming paradigms that I can apply to our application. Also, I love to help teach new developers, and in-turn, bring in a more diverse team.

What is your proudest achievement? 

The life my wife and I have built with our 4 wonderful children. Every day brings a different level of joy and pride watching them grow.
You can contact Mike at mike@duoplane.com