Getting Started on Duoplane for Vendors


Hi Vendors, congratulations on making the best decision you’ll make all month. 


Let us introduce outserves. Duoplane is your dropshipping best friend. That means we handle things like: PO processing and routing, automating shipment updates, inventory syncing, and syncing invoices to accounting software. Our central focus is to connect your retail partner and you, their valued supplier/vendor, through all these processes in a simplified, seamless, and automated way.


Now that you’ve made the leap, we’re here to help you get started.


How Does Duoplane Connect you with your Retailer?


Duoplane simplifies and streamlines the relationship between you and your retailer. The basic order flow between your retailer, Duoplane, and you (the vendor) is laid out below:


1) Customer orders from Retailer’s ecommerce store → POs from Duoplane → Your system

2) Tracking details from your system → Duoplane → End customer via ecommerce store

3) Inventory from your system → Duoplane → Items on retailer’s store



 How do I get Started on Duoplane?


Now that you understand the basic relationship between Duoplane, you, and your retailers, let’s “set it and forget it.”


Duoplane is proud to make the setup process as quick and easy as possible. You can be fully set up in under a day depending on your retailers and the amount of information that you would like to import. 


Once the configuration process is complete, your settings won’t need to be revisited by you or your retail partner unless a major change is made. Let’s dive in:


A good way to get started is by logging into the Duoplane portal and exploring the functionality of Duoplane and looking into our configuration options.

What are my Configuration Options?


Your retail partner will need to help configure the options below on their Duoplane retailer account, but here you can see what options for file types and delivery methods are possible to set up seamlessly with Duoplane:


Purchase orders (data received)

1) Fetch frequency:  as orders are placed, every 1 hour, or custom

2) Purchase order delivery: email, SFTP, Duoplane vendor portal, Prebuilt integration*

3) Purchase order file formats: PDF, XML, Excel, CSV, JSON, X12 EDI


Shipping and inventory feeds (data sent to your retail partner)

1) Send frequency:  manual, every 1 hour, or custom

2) Feed delivery: email, SFTP, HTTP, Prebuilt integration*

3) Feed file formats: CSV, XML, Excel, JSON, Google spreadsheet, X12 EDI


Prebuilt shipping & fulfillment integrations

1) Shipstation, Shippo, ShippingEasy, Shopify vendor connector


How do I get the Most out of Duoplane?

The Duoplane’s Support Center is an up-to-date resource base with a hub uniquely for vendor articles and guides. A popular place to start is the Getting Started guide to get familiar with the Duoplane interface, or the integrations section for guides to see what you can connect to your vendor portal for seamless automation.

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