Miranda Pakozdi


Miranda came to Duoplane with over 7 years of e-commerce and dropshipping experience. Before Duoplane was a widely used software, she WAS the Duoplane at her previous company. Miranda would split orders manually and maintain relationships with vendors while helping to manage their catalogs. She currently has an active online business through eBay so you know you’re in great hands with any help you need. 


What do you do at Duoplane?

In the role of Customer Success Manager, I connect with Duoplane users daily as a support agent, advisor, consultant, and ecommerce peer. When something isn’t working as expected I help identify the problem and show users how to correct it. I connect feature requests with the product and development teams and act as an ambassador or advocate for customer needs. My job in a nutshell is to be a reliable source of information and assistance to all Duoplane users.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not offering killer customer support to our retailers and vendors, you can find me playing mahjong, drawing on my iPad, or playing competitive video games with friends. I have found a new passion for cooking and works on perfecting a new recipe each week.

hy are you excited to work at Duoplane?


I enjoy helping people, and it’s as simple as that. I think having your own store is very special—I have a store on ebay where I sell things related to my interests and hobbies, and I know many Duoplane users are very enthusiastic about what they are selling in their stores. Connecting a shopper to something they will find very useful or get enjoyment from is one of the pleasures of having a store, and every day at my job I get to help store owners find the most efficient path to  success in what they are passionate about—their business.


 What are some of your top skills?


Problem solver — I see many things as puzzles that need to be solved, and puzzles are fun! I like breaking down a problem and brainstorming either collaboratively or on my own to find a solid, lasting solution. Keeping optimism and having the experience to be confident in my decision-making help me push through the harder challenges.


Tech savvy — I built my first computer in high school and have spent most of my life learning about hardware and software both professionally and as a hobby. I went to a coding bootcamp in San Francisco to learn ruby on rails, HTML, CSS, javascript, liquid, and love working with data in spreadsheets and SQL as well. Even during my time as a marketing professional I’ve always found these skills useful; I love picking up a new tool or software and making good use of it.


Interpersonal skills — I’ve always enjoyed a customer-facing role since I like helping people solve problems. As a teenager most of my peers hated working retail but I LOVED it because everyone would come into the store with a need or a problem that I could help them take care of. If someone doesn’t know how to get the most out of the product they’re using, I get an opportunity to help them down a path that would benefit them the most, and share a bit of that success with them because we did it together.


What is something you are passionate about?

I’m very passionate about teaching and while I haven’t taught professionally, I can see it in my future. I’ve enjoyed training employees and customers on how to use our product at Duoplane, and outside of that I like showing friends things like how to play mahjong, how to set up a livestream, how to build a computer, and other hobbies I want to share. Learning a new skill is exciting and I feel like as a teacher you get to share some of that excitement.

What is your proudest achievement? 

During my time in marketing I was able to organize a B2B conference and secure a fully branded booth at a major convention for two separate events, simultaneously, in under 3 weeks time. Having little resources and time to organize two events was something that was only possible with well-established connections within the industry, and a little bit of luck, and a lot of grit. While I’m proud I was able to pull it off with success.
Outside of my professional life in my college years I played video games competitively. I have won a handful of tournaments and competed in FPS, rhythm, puzzle, and fighting games.
You can contact Miranda at miranda@duoplane.com 
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