How to Connect Your Ecommerce Store to Duoplane


What Does Duoplane do?


Whether you are new to Duoplane, starting your first trial, or interested in seeing what we offer, we’ve put together a quick article that explains why and how to connect your ecommerce platform to Duoplane. 



Duoplane is able to fully automate the order fulfillment process from start to finish—beginning with a sales order from your ecommerce store, a purchase order to your vendor, fulfillment, and tracking back to your customer.

Duoplane's dropship automation platform interface

How Does Duoplane Work With my Ecommerce Platform?


To help take your ecommerce operations to the next level, Duoplane’s dropship automation software connects directly with your ecommerce platform to exchange information in real time. This makes the order management process as seamless as possible and saves you valuable time on mundane tasks.


Why Should I Connect my Ecommerce Store to Duoplane?


Here are some of the benefits of connecting your ecommerce store to Duoplane: 


1) Automatically import orders

Duoplane automatically retrieves all recently created or updated orders. This is used for routing orders to the correct fulfillment partners. Optionally, order information is also used for exporting financial data to your accounting system.


2) Automatically import products 

As part of processing orders, Duoplane imports product information from your cart. Products are also tracked in order to help Duoplane manage inventory and other product information.


3) Automatically export tracking for shipments 

Once orders are shipped in Duoplane, your ecommerce software is automatically updated with tracking information.

With Which Ecommerce Platforms Does Duoplane Integrate?

Duoplane integrates with all of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Depending on which ecommerce platform you use, the setup will look different.
To connect Duoplane to your store, please follow the instructions by clicking your ecommerce platform below:

Once you’ve completed the steps from one of the above links, you will be able to see products, vendors, and any new orders from your ecommerce store begin to populate in Duoplane. 


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