Making Returns on Duoplane


As you probably know, Duoplane’s dropship automation platform is able to handle most of your backend processes with ease – including returns. 


While no one enjoys returns, they are unfortunately sometimes a part of the customer experience. Whether the return is headed back to you or to your vendor, we strive to make them as easy and efficient as possible. Let’s dive into how. 


Summary of Duoplane’s Return Process


At the most simplified level, here is a glance at how processing a return on Duoplane works. 


1) Create a new return (RMA)

2) Wait for items to be received back

3) Record that items have been received

4) Approve the return for a refund

5) Process a refund

6) Record that you have received a credit memo from your vendor (if applicable)



 How do I Track Expected Returns on Duoplane?


Once the return has been created, you can enter tracking information for the return. This includes information like carrier name and tracking number that is either provided by your customer or a self-generated shipping label.


How do I Record Returns That I Have Received?


Once you receive the returns, please select the quantity of each item that was returned. 


Setting the “Quantity Returned” for all items will automatically set the “Received on Date” to today’s date. If the return was received on a different day, you can manually alter the received date. 


Similarly, if the return destination has been set to a vendor or warehouse, employees of the return destination company will also be able to mark the return as received in the Duoplane Vendor Portal.


How do I Process the Refund for a Return on Duoplane?


Firstly, you must process the refund within your e-commerce platform. Then, Duoplane will match that refund with the Duoplane return. This will set the sale as refunded and closed.


If you are unable to refund the return on your e-commerce platform, or if you cannot match the return exactly with the Duoplane return, Duoplane will not be able to automatically mark this return as “Refunded.” In that case, you can manually mark the return as “Refunded.” 

 How do I Record a Vendor Credit Memo on Duoplane?

A vendor credit memo is a document that is used to record a credit from a vendor. This credit can be for a purchase order, a former payment request document, or to a particular vendor for a return.
You can use Duoplane to keep track of returns that are sent directly to the vendor. If you have set the return’s destination is a vendor, the return record will include a section for vendor credit memo information.
After you have received the vendor credit memo and inputted it into your accounting system, record that you have received the credit memo in Duoplane. A credit memo is considered “Received” if a date is set for the Credit memo received. Apart from this field, all other fields are optional.
For a more detailed overview of the return process and how to complete a return on Duoplane, check out this support article
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