Best Practices for Product Setup in Duoplane


At the end of the setup period, Duoplane will be able to fully automate the order fulfillment process from start to finish—beginning with a sales order from your ecommerce store, a purchase order to your vendor, fulfillment, and tracking back to your customer.


Let’s dive into how Duoplane deals with product information and setup.


Why is it Important to Add Product Information?


In order to get the most out of Duoplane’s dropship automation platform, we highly recommend inputting your product information. This will ensure that as many processes as possible can be automated. 


When Duoplane sees that a new sales order has been created, it can automatically create vendor purchase orders and route fulfillment requests to your warehouse or drop ship vendor. In order for this process to be seamless, we will need some product information from you. 


What Product Information Should I Add?

In order to operate as efficiently as possible, it is important to not fall into the temptation of “information overload.” While it is important to have some key information in order to properly automate the order routing process in Duoplane, a lot of product details are merely secondary Whether you choose to add them is completely dependent on your preferences. 
In order for Duoplane to create and automate a full purchase order, you will need to include the following information:
  • The item’s vendor
  • The wholesale cost of the product
  • The SKU of the item as it is known to the vendor

Many retailers choose to include the inventory status of the item, which indicates whether the item is in stock or out of stock. Additionally, we suggest including the purchase name of the item if the product is known to the vendor as something other than what it is listed as in your ecommerce store. 
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What Happens if I am Missing Product Information?


Luckily, should you be missing product information, you will still be able to process orders in Duoplane. If you do not assign the product to a vendor, you will be prompted to select a vendor the first time the item is ordered. Otherwise, the product information that is missing will be left blank on the purchase order.

 How do I Connect Product Information from my Ecommerce Platform to Duoplane?


Duoplane strives to make the product synching process as seamless as possible. We sync all products directly from your ecommerce platform, so all new products need to be added in your ecommerce platform first. Once that is done, they will be automatically synced into Duoplane.


If you need help syncing your products into your ecommerce platform, here’s how to upload them into Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.


How Does Adding Product Information Work in Duoplane?

Before you begin adding product information, we recommend ensuring that your store is kept as organized as possible. This means avoiding duplicate data. 
Before adding information directly into Duoplane, make sure that this data does not already exist in your store’s product catalog. Should any of the information already exist in any of your ecommerce channel’s product catalogs, simply map your ecommerce channel’s product fields to Duoplane fields. 
If you have any questions or need assistance, please email 


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Case Study: Badgley Mishka

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