The Duoplane Podcast: Navigating Ecommerce Skies - Episode 1 The Duoplane Story

Podcast Ep 1

Sina Djafari discusses transitioning from investment banking to establishing a leading dropshipping e-commerce store and automation platform. Learn about the significance of business relationships, company culture, and stellar customer satisfaction in this episode.

The Duoplane Podcast: Navigating Ecommerce Skies - Episode 2 cover art featuring Kenny Trusnik from Forest Citi Digital

Podcast Ep 2

In this episode, Kenny Trusnik of Forest City Digital delves into building e-commerce tech stacks, choosing the right platforms, and addressing common challenges and misconceptions in the e-commerce world.

Podcast cover art for episode 3 of the duoplane podcast. Image of Ali Alavi, CEO & head of product from Seed to Sold.

Podcast Ep 3

Ali Alavi, CEO of Seed to Sold, discusses his expertise in product management within the cannabis industry, emphasizing user experience, entrepreneurship’s role in e-commerce, and AI’s growing impact.

Episode 4 website cover art

Podcast Ep 4

Nils Koppelmann from 3Tech discusses e-commerce growth via A/B testing, shedding light on its significance, working with top brands, common pitfalls, and best practices in conversion optimization.

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