Welcome to Duoplane! This guide is intended to give vendors a brief overview of how to manage drop ship orders in Duoplane. For more advanced usage and configuration options, please search our Support Center.

Logging in for the first time

To login to Duoplane, visit:

User name
Your login name is your email address.


Before you login for the first time, you will need to choose a password.

You may have received a welcome email from Duoplane when your retailer partner created your account. In that email is a link that you can use to choose a password.

You can also use the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page to go through the process of choosing a new password. Duoplane will send you a new password reset link via email.

If you do not already have a login to Duoplane or do not know what email address was used to create your account, please contact your retailer partner for assistance.

Receiving purchase orders

By default, you will receive purchase orders via email, usually as a daily batch. These emails will contain:

  • A list of purchase orders
  • An attachment with the purchase orders in PDF format
  • An attachment with PDF packing slips

Managing orders

After receiving purchase orders, there are 3 steps to completing each order:

  1. Confirm: Verify wholesale costs and ship dates
  2. Ship: Download packing slips and enter tracking
  3. Invoice: Enter invoice information and verify that invoice totals match

Each step is detailed below.

To start, click the “Orders” link in the left main menu to reach the order management area of Duoplane:

Orders menu link

1. Confirming orders

As soon as possible after receiving new purchase orders, please confirm your receipt of and the accuracy of each purchase order.

To confirm purchase orders, click the “Confirm” menu item in the left navigation or go to https://app.duoplane.com/purchase_orders/inbox to list all unconfirmed purchase orders.

Confirm menu link

For each PO, verify that the following are correct:

  • Wholesale cost (if provided)
  • That you will be able to fulfill the order items by the indicated promise dates (if provided)

If either any of the information is inaccurate, you may indicate your changes by editing the info directly in place.

Pre-confirm editing

Once you are ready to confirm the POs, click “Confirm” to remove the PO from your inbox.

Pre-confirm editing


2. Shipping orders

Print packing slips: When you are ready to ship a purchase order, print out the appropriate retailer-branded packing slip from Duoplane and include it with the package.
Packing slips are available in the original purchase order email or can be downloaded from the purchase order record in Duoplane.

Enter tracking: After shipping the order, provide tracking for that shipment using Duoplane’s web interface.

Click the “Ship” menu item in the left navigation or go to https://app.duoplane.com/purchase_orders/ship to list open purchase orders:

Ship menu link

Each shipment needs at least one tracking number assigned to it.

By default, all open items are included on the shipment. If any item was not shipped complete, set the appropriate quantity for that item.

Ship order

You have the option on this screen to enter invoice information at the same time as tracking. You can also enter invoice information later. (See below.)

3. Invoicing orders

Once you have created a shipment in Duoplane, you can assign invoice information to that shipment. You do not need to send a separate invoice to your retailer (unless otherwise requested by them).

Click the “Invoice” menu item in the left navigation or go to https://app.duoplane.com/shipments/invoice to list uninvoiced shipments.

Invoice menu link

Item wholesale costs are transferred from the purchase order, so you only need to fill in the following information:

  • Invoice number (required)
  • Shipping cost (if your retailer is reimbursing you for shipping)
  • Handling fee (if applicable)


(Depending on your specific arrangement with your retailer, the shipping or handling fields may not appear in your interface.)

Invoice order

Important Please ensure that the invoice total matches exactly with your own invoice record before saving the invoice in Duoplane. If there are any discrepancies, contact your retailer partner to reconcile the difference. (If you notice a discrepancy after saving, delete the invoice number from the invoice and re-save.)

If you do not have full invoice information, please leave the invoice number blank until you are ready to complete the entire invoice.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Duoplane Support or search our help center.