Duoplane provides a few ways that you can customize your packing slip. We have a fully editable HTML footer and the ability to add in a logo for each store you have connected with Duoplane. This is the quickest and easiest way to provide small amounts of information on your packing slip while still customizing the look and feel of the document. We are also able to provide access to a completely customizable HTML packing slip. This is a great method for including exactly what you want on your packing slip; you could also even utilize the packing slip for other purposes like a BOL or other shipping document.

Duoplane offers customization for the packing slip on a per store basis. To navigate to the packing slip settings for a store you will go to Settings –> Ecommerce Stores –> Select the name of the store you would like to edit. In the example below we are editing “Shopify Demo”. Once you click on the store name you can scroll down to Document templates and hit Choose file to upload a logo and enter your HTML formatted text in the Packing slip footer HTML field.


Once you have made your changes you can navigate to a Purchase order and download the PO to review.

Create a Customized Packing Slip Document

At this moment this is a new functionality that is only available upon request. If you would like to explore the ability to completely customize your packing slip you can contact us.