The Secret Weapon For Your Ecommerce Business

Streamline your order management

Duoplane dropshipping automation workflow

Automated drop ship and multi-warehouse routing

Send orders to your suppliers with zero effort. Duoplane connects to your shopping cart and automatically parses each sales order into vendor purchase orders or warehouse picklists, routing them to the right supplier. Tracking information flows back to your cart and to your customer.

Full order visibility

Know the status of every order, and get alerted to any exceptions.

Multi-store integration

Centralize and manage all of your orders, no matter where you sell.

Branded packing slips

Keep control of the customer experience using custom packing slips with your branding and your policies.

Returns management

Issue return authorizations (RMAs) and track returns. Duoplane manages the entire process, whether the return is headed to your inventory or to your vendor's.

Keep your vendors in sync

Vendor portal

Allow vendors to fully manage their orders, including confirming purchase orders, providing tracking, and downloading customized packing slips.

Vendor on-boarding tools

Guide new vendors through a simple on-boarding process to get their products to market faster.

Electronic invoicing

Let vendors assign invoice numbers to shipments to eliminate the need to send and enter invoices.

Dropshipping Vendor Portal Order Management

Know exactly how your business is doing

Dropshipping Vendor Scorecard

Detailed profitability analysis

View sales and profitability down to the order and product level, factoring in fulfillment costs and return rates.

High priority alerts

Sift through the noise and be alerted only when something needs attention. Duoplane will handle the rest.

Vendor scorecards

Track vendors by profitability, fulfillment performance, claims resolution, and more.

Automate vendor payments and accounting

Automated invoice creation

Generate vendor invoices automatically, preventing billing errors and minimizing the need for manual input.

Integration with your accounting systems

Export vendor invoices directly to your accounting system.

Payment reports

Avoid accounting questions by proactively providing detailed invoice payment reports to your vendors.

Shopping Cart Syncing With Quickbooks and Xero

Manage a larger catalog

Ecommerce Product Onboarding

Integration with all of your ecommerce channels

Sync product specs, images, and availability information across all of your ecommerce carts and marketplaces.

Rapid merchandising tools

Expand your product offering with easy-to-use tools for creating and updating large number of products and product images.

Vendor-managed catalog updates

Allow vendors to upload their catalog information to minimize the time it takes to integrate new products and update existing ones.

Start using Duoplane today

Nothing to install

Duoplane is a fully hosted solution, so there is nothing to install on your end.

Set up is fast and easy

In many cases, you can be processing orders within minutes.

Try it risk free

Sign up for a free trial today and use Duoplane with no obligation. We offer a variety of pricing plans to fit companies large and small.

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